Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Made it through the rough patch

Poor Sidney was throwing up for about a week and sometimes it was multiple times a day. By far the most since we got a handle on the Megaesophagus condition last December.

We decided to stop using the Bethanechol and use up all of the remaining Metachlopromide instead of using them both together. We will then try the Bethanechol by itself and see which seems to work best for him and go with that med. Sidney had horrible retching and regurgitation for a week or so that hopefully ended yesterday. He seemed better, but you never know. We're keeping an eye on him. Hopefully the rough patch is over.

He seemed kind of sluggish, but now has his energy back. I was concerned about him getting pneumonia from all of the RG, but he seems to be doing better. I feel so bad for the little guy when he has his rough days. It may have been some esophagitis from eating stuff off of the ground. He never lost his appetite though, which is good.

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