Monday, September 27, 2010


Sidney turned one year old yesterday. After being diagnosed with ME at 10 weeks, we're really happy to see this day and all of the others that will follow.

Happy Birthday little buddy!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sidney's First Concert

I own a haunted house company named The Carnival of Horrors, which I am building during the month of September. Sidney hangs out there with me because I need to get him his food and meds, but need to be there all day and night. It's at an outdoor amphitheater named Blossom Music Center. Usually each year we build the event while concerts are going on. KISS played last Sunday, so Sidney got to see them live. Kind of funny how people kept asking how I snuck him in.

On another note he seems to have his appetite back. Still RG'ing periodically like normal. But I think he is loving the buffet of sticks on the ground at Blossom, which is irritating his esophagus. He did RG inside one of the haunted houses, but I cleaned it up!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Seemed a bit odd - Aspiration Pneumonia?

Last week Sidney started to not show too much interest in eating his food. He did eat, but wasn't as excited as usual, which made me nervous. This went on all week. I know we changed his food to all soaked blended kibble, but he still was excited to eat it. He also started regurgitating again (more than normal), so we rushed him on Friday into the vet to check for Aspiration Pneumonia. They always have him as a #1 priority.

We didn't do the X-Rays (costs a ton and it doesn't show up in a really early stage), but she listened to his lungs, took his temp, etc. Just to be safe we have him on his Clavamox meds and are keeping a close eye on him. If he still seems odd we'll get the X-Rays done.

He did wake me up last night regurgitating, but I saw that he ate an acorn while examining what he regurgitated, so I know the culprit. Yes, it's smart to examine the nasty mess to see if anything outside of his normal food is in there. I usually get more alarmed if it is only food and no outside element is to blame for the RG. We try to always check his mouth after he was outside because he loves to sneak in contraband. There are a ton of sticks in front of our door that he tried to bring with him on the way back in the house.

He seems to be doing better now. Still isn't super excited for the food all the time, but he still licks the bowl clean. Sorry buddy if it doesn't taste as good as the canned stuff. When you get a job you can eat your canned food!!