Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sidney has a new brother!

It has been a busy year and I know we haven't posted in a while.  The thing is, Sidney is doing really well with his routine given his MegaE condition.  It is kind of tough to keep posting the same thing - Sidney is doing well, has some regurge issues, but overall is thriving.  We haven't had to change his feeding routine for quite some time.  That's the trick with this I believe, the ROUTINE. Once your dog gets into it and it's working - they literally are just normal dogs in my eyes.  They just eat in a chair, etc. 

Plus, he has a new little brother Keegan now.  He is really great with him and while Sidney gets less attention - he still is very spoiled.  Sidney will be 6 years old in September, diagnosed with MegaE at 10 weeks.  Been a great run so far and can't wait for him and Keegan to be best friends for many years to come!