Friday, November 12, 2010

1 Year Vet Check-Up Yesterday

Sidney had his yearly check-up at the vet yesterday. He was 55.5 pounds and is now almost 14 months old. Everything checked out great. His regurgitation period from a few posts back has subsided. YAY. So Sidney is a considered a normal, healthy Lab Puppy, despite the ME!!

We received his Report Card on health that listed everything as an "A". He did get a bad grade for his left ear, a "D" - he has an ear infection, but we got the medicine and are administering it twice a day - so it will be fine.

The best grade Sidney got was a "C". That was for his weight. I know it's tough to get weight on MegaE dogs so the "C" grade was fine with us. However - after looking at why we received a "C" grade, I felt that it should have been an "A++++". We received the "C" because Sidney is actually considered 5.5 pounds OVERWEIGHT!!!!

Sidney keeps on proving everyone wrong. Way to go my porky little friend!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Success Story - Spreading the word that Megaesophagus IS NOT A DEATH SENTENCE!

Click on the article a few times and it will get large enough to read!!

Sidney had an article about his condition come out in The Cleveland Canine magazine. It goes out to DVM offices, pet stores, etc. If it helps one dog not be put to sleep because of MegaE, mission is accomplished!!