Friday, November 12, 2010

1 Year Vet Check-Up Yesterday

Sidney had his yearly check-up at the vet yesterday. He was 55.5 pounds and is now almost 14 months old. Everything checked out great. His regurgitation period from a few posts back has subsided. YAY. So Sidney is a considered a normal, healthy Lab Puppy, despite the ME!!

We received his Report Card on health that listed everything as an "A". He did get a bad grade for his left ear, a "D" - he has an ear infection, but we got the medicine and are administering it twice a day - so it will be fine.

The best grade Sidney got was a "C". That was for his weight. I know it's tough to get weight on MegaE dogs so the "C" grade was fine with us. However - after looking at why we received a "C" grade, I felt that it should have been an "A++++". We received the "C" because Sidney is actually considered 5.5 pounds OVERWEIGHT!!!!

Sidney keeps on proving everyone wrong. Way to go my porky little friend!!

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