Monday, May 23, 2011

Poor Sidney

Sidney had a rough few days, which happens from time to time with dogs that have Megaesophagus. He regurgitated quite a bit. In his crate, at night, throughout the day and also in his Bailey Chair after eating on Saturday. When that happens I usually just clean it up and instead of trying to repeat the feeding, I skip it. But I do keep him in the Bailey Chair and feed him additional Knox Blox so at least he stays hydrated. We start the sit time over again at 30 minutes.

Normally I will try to use the Sucralfate when he is having a bad period, but this time I didn't use it. I just made sure to keep a close eye on him for a few days in case he looked like he may have aspirated. It doesn't seem like he did.

Sidney was much better yesterday, we didn't have any episodes and he never lost his appetite. So hopefully that was our hiccup for now and he gets back on track.