Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Keeping an Eye on Sid

Problem with Megaesophagus is that when he regurgitates, he has a chance to contract secondary aspiration pneumonia. The worry is that when he does RG, he eats it back up, then does it again, again and again. Recipe for disaster. I only live about 15 minutes from where I work and usually go home at lunch to check on him and give him his sucralfate. But there were some really bad patches where you could just see all of his blankets stained with RG. Kind of scary knowing the consequences.

So in order to try and see if he is regurgitating while we are at work and to give us a chance to stop him from eating it back up and getting it in his lungs, I bought a wireless camera. So basically what I do is access it from work and keep an eye on him. I can now see if he RG's in his cage and cruise home to try and get it stopped and get him in his chair.

Also - I get to see how much fun he has in his cage with his toys - so it isn't all bad. I also get to see if he is full of energy and will know that he will bother me all night long to play. Puppies!!! Luckily he sleeps with his head at the front of the cage where we have it elevated to stop stomach acid from irritating his esophagus so it is easy to see what he is doing.

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