Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bad Day - Changing Bethanechol Dosage

We started the Bethanechol in 10mg doses, 2x per day, which seemed like it was doing some good. However, yesterday morning Sidney was retching, making some horrible vomit sounds. He then vomited all over his cage. This also happened the previous morning. This is a bit abnormal for an ME dog. Normally the RG just kind of falls out. Especially in mornings where stomach acid found is way into the esophagus and irritated it overnight. This was different, this was a vomiting episode (still looked like stomach acid). Again in the late afternoon he looked like he did it again while I was watching him on his Internet Camera, so I know we have a problem that needs immediate attention.

We are going to try and decrease the dosage to 5mg, 2x per day and see if that was the cause. We did give him an extra dose of Sucralfate last night before bedtime to see if that helps soothe his esophagus. It didn't seem like he regurgitated this morning, so some good news. With ME dogs, you need to keep a log of all changes you make to get the proper routine down. If this doesn't help, I will eliminate the Bethanechol and track his progress then. Problem is that you never know what causes the episodes, just have to do your best to figure it out so he doesn't contract secondary aspiration pneumonia, which is the scariest part of this whole thing.

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