Friday, August 10, 2012

Megaesophagus Dogs Can Have Fun Too

I know a lot of people worry that when their dogs are diagnosed with megaesophagus, that they will have to lead a completely sheltered life.  I know that's what I thought in the beginning (aside from thinking he only had a month left to live).  However, I can't think of anything we don't do with Sidney that we wouldn't do if he didn't have this stupid condition (outside of the obvious feeding routine and diet).  Of course we're very careful that he doesn't eat or drink anything without being vertical, but that's it really.  He's still a happy dog that does things happy dogs like to do.  Lots of walks, hikes and trips to the dog park.  So what if he doesn't get treats like most dogs.  I'm fairly certain that he isn't getting teased about it from the other dogs.  The other day we took him to the ballpark for a baseball game. We brought along Knox Blox in a Ziploc bag and just held him up in his seat vertical when we let him get his hydration - yes he had his own seat. 

The day at the baseball game was a lot of fun and everyone had a great time, including Sidney!!


  1. Hi there

    I am a foster parent with German Shepherd Rescue North California. We have just rescued a GSD with megaE

    You can see her here:

    We call her Scout Finch and have had her for 6 months

    I have read your posts and we have some different experiences

    I'd love to talk, share and learn.
    Rob Holloway

  2. Reading about Sidney always brings a smile to my face.....he is one lucky and handsome pooch! xxx