Friday, October 10, 2014

Feeding Routine while at work!

Our routine is simple - just need to make sure his "to-go" bag has everything we need. His "to-go" bag includes his Portable Bailey Chair, Magic Bullet Blender, Prilosec and Bethanechol, Towels, Timer, Bowl and a Lickety-Stick.  We do soak the food in the Magic Bullet at home and bring Knox Blox from home when possible.

We run a haunted house company ( in October - so Sidney is there a lot with us - but his Megaesophagus feeding routine isn't affected.


  1. You sure sure think of everything! And I bet he loves being with you at work.......I would love to be able to take mine to work with me.....hey always look so disapointed when they see me come down the stairs in my uniform! Forgot to wish Sydney a Happy Birthday too....xx

  2. thank you for your real life story..