Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Routine for Megaesophagus When Traveling

During the months of September, October and November I am required to be working and out of the house for almost 15 hours a day. So I take Sidney with me. But this basically takes us out of our comfort zone for THE ROUTINE. We do bring his Portable Bailey Chair and his travel bag with everything we need, but he is not in his crate with his head elevated, etc. We also make sure to have Knox Blox on hand in the refrigerator for him as well. I found that they will melt into liquid if you leave them in the car. DUH.
While we are working - mainly outside - Sidney is tied up near us so we can keep an eye on him. But the problem for us is that it's OUTSIDE. Take a look at the photo. There are acorns, sticks, leaves and all kinds of stuff on the ground that he can chew on or eat. End result is that most likely his esophagus gets irritated and regurgitation follows. This is my main worry. He has regurgitated a few times this weekend from grazing, but for the most part he has done great. Maybe he is getting a little older and becoming less of a chewer. He will be 2 years old September 26th.
So our routine has changed a bit - basically the TIME OF DAY he gets his Bethanechol pills and also the TIMES OF DAY he gets his meals. I was worried that this change in timing would have a bad result, but so far it isn't affecting him in any way that I can tell. I think as long as we keep the meds and meals on a decent schedule - it won't matter as much. At least that's what we hope.


  1. My boyfriend and I adopted our German shepherd puppy Dusty last week. We found out yesterday after Dusty had been throwing up all week that she has MegaE. We are taking her to a specialist on Thursday. We are devastated. We spent months looking for a reputable breeder only to have this freak thing happen. Our vet said it was going to be tough to manage and gently suggested putting her down. Problem is besides us being attached, our other shepherd is already in love with Dusty. He is a rescue who was a stud at a puppy mill and was terribly abused. Two days before we rescued him his biological sister died at the shelter from heat and malnutrition. We can't take another sister away from has been a great inspiration to read your blog, emotional but very enlightening. Thank you

  2. Hang in there. Let me know if we can help in any way.