Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Updated Routine Managing Sidney's Megaesophagus and Building a Bailey Chair

ABOVE: Marley in his Portable Bailey Chair I built.

Things have been going pretty well with Sidney. He have had limited RG periods, but nothing out of the ordinary. He's doing really well and is really happy. Our routine, meds and procedures seem to have Sidney on track to live a long and healthy life.

Since the last post I have built several Bailey Chairs for people in need that couldn't make them on their own. It has now become my weekend charity job. But I'm happy to help out. The above photo is Marley in the chair I built him. Happy little guy.

The only major change with Sidney is that we changed his diet slightly because we were told he was getting a little overweight.

Our new diet is:
1 Cup Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food (Kibble) soaked in 2 cups of hot water (it cools while soaking for 30 minutes)
1 Squirt of Salmon Oil for his coat

Blended together and fed 3 times a day in his Bailey Chair.
He sits in the Bailey Chair for 30 minutes.
We also feed him Knox Blox after his food - usually a handful (about 1 Cup)

This seems to work well for us - the main change is eliminating the Instant Oatmeal and Eukanuba Puppy Weaning Formula calories from the meal that were necessary in the puppy growth stage.

Current meds are:

5mg Bethanechol - 2x per day (30 minutes prior to the morning and evening meal)
1 tablet - Prilosec OTC - with the evening meal

All in all, hopefully it stays in the "no news is good news" category for a long time. But we always make sure we are careful looking for signs of Aspiration Pneumonia. That can just come out of nowhere, no matter how careful we are.

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